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Redeem the time, nor moments waste
In slothfulness or folly,
Nor yet in frantic worldly haste,
Nor moping melancholy,
But every moment use with care,
In acts of mercy, love, and prayer.


Your daily toil must be pursued
While health and strength be given;
The wearied frame must be renew'd
With sleep, the gift of heaven;
Yet, still, by watchful care, you may
Redeem some moments every day.


Your mind requires mental food
And careful cultivation;
Then store it with what's wise and good
By thoughtful meditation;
So, if improvement be your theme,
You must the needful time redeem.


How many moments have you spent
In profitless employment!
In gossiping, or giving vent
To some depraved enjoyment--
Unthoughtful of the awful crime
Of murdering your precious time?


Redeem the time!--on moments seize,
Because the days are evil;
And slothful men, who sleep at ease,
Are lulled there by the devil;
So, till you reach your end--the grave--
Each passing moment try to save.


Seek early rest; and early rise,
Your daily task pursuing;
Redeem the time, and gain the prize;
Do something worth the doing.
Whatever truth points out as right,
Try to perform with all your might.


The night is coming on apace,
When work must be left over;
Then squander not your time of grace,
But labour to recover
The mis-spent moments of the past,
And live each day as if your last.