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Will "the family in heaven"
Be to each other known?
Is the hope in Scripture given?
Is the revelation shown?
Will the brother meet with brother
And feel each other's love?
Will they recognize each other
In that happy home above?
Yes, for the pleasing story--
In God's own Book is given--
We'll join the Saints in glory--
We'll know our friends in heaven.
Here memory is dim-sighted
And friendships pass away;
But there, by heaven lighted
In that eternal day,
We'll know both past and present,
Yea know as we are known,
And meet our friends--how pleasant--
And sing before the throne,
And then, O! what enjoyment--
To meet with those we love,
And join the sweet employment
Of holy saints above.
Methinks I hear the voices
Of friends who've gone before,
And my longing heart rejoices
To meet them on the shore.
And I know those friends shall meet me,
For they long to see me come,
And then, O! how they'll greet me
With shouts of "welcome home."