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Let us hail the newborn year,
Come our drooping hearts to cheer,
Let us all be cheerful, gay,
On this happy New Year's Day,
Social day of friendly meetings,
Joyous day of kindly greetings,
Dawning of a year of blessings,
Lover's hopes and sweet caressings,
Blessings in anticipation,
Wealth and fame in expectation,
All is pleasing, joyous, bright,
Full of half-enjoyed delight.
Yes, it comes, brimful of pleasures,
Honors, health and golden treasures.
Hopeful year of bright tomorrows,
Or, may be, of hidden sorrows.
Happy that we do not know
What the morrow will bestow,
Happy that we cannot see
What is in futurity!
If we knew the coming strife,
Who could face the ills of life?
But our cheering Angel Hope
Holds our sinking spirits up,
Wipes away the falling tear,
Promises a happy year.
Thus encouraged let us rise,
Soaring upward to the skies,
Where all passing time shall be
Hidden in Eternity.