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  1. At the Piano, by Anna Katherine Green

  2. Dream Music, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  3. The Fiddler, by Lola Ridge

  4. Italian Music in Dakota, by Walt Whitman

  5. The Keyboard, by Paul Verlaine

  6. Listening to a Lute in a Boat, by Su Shi

  7. Music, by Albert Samain

  8. Music, by Amy Lowell

  9. Music, by Benjamin Franklin Field

  10. Music, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  11. Music, by Watie W. Swanzy

  12. Music, by William B. Tappan

  13. Music of Light, by William B. Tappan

  14. The Music of the Spheres, by Du Fu

  15. Music on the Waters, by Albert Samain

  16. The Pianist, by Shay Cook

  17. Thoughts on Music, by S. Moore