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  1. Blue Maroons, by Carl Sandburg

  2. Bridal Ballad, by Edgar Allan Poe

  3. The Bridal Bell, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  4. The Bridal Night, by Charles Guérin

  5. A Bride, by Dollie Radford

  6. Bride's Farewell, by Anonymous

  7. An Epithalamium, by Sappho

  8. The First Time That the Sun Rose on Thine Oath, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  9. Foreign Flesh, by Nicarchus

  10. Her Lover's Step, by James McIntyre

  11. The Hill-Wife, by Robert Frost

  12. Husband and Wife, by Gerald Massey

  13. I Ask You, Love, by Alfred Mortier

  14. Marriage, by Witter Bynner

  15. Mary's Wedding, by Dinah Craik

  16. Nuptial Night, by Donald Evans

  17. The Old Lady, by Edgar Guest

  18. On a Golden Wedding, by Henry O'Meara

  19. On Arranged Marriage, by Theognis of Megara

  20. Possession, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert

  21. Reaping, by Amy Lowell

  22. The Silver Wedding, by John Godfrey Saxe

  23. Sometimes, my bark wants to cry, by Joe Roye

  24. There Was a Day I Could Not Find You, Dear, by Carolyn Crosby Wilson

  25. Three Years Ago, by Helen Waddell

  26. To My Wife, by Gerald Massey

  27. The Village Wedding, by C. B. Langston

  28. Wedded Love, by Gerald Massey

  29. Wedding Morn, by D. H. Lawrence

  30. When I Mean to Marry, by John Godfrey Saxe

  31. The Wife, by Emily Dickinson

  32. Wives, by Sophocles