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Beyond the wild Atlantic Ocean
Through fancy's light,
The home that claims my heart's devotion,
Is still in sight.


Home of my fondest recollections
And purest mirth;
Home of my heart's endeared affections,
Land of my birth!


Ten thousand hallowed memories bind me
Where'er I roam--
For oh! I left my heart behind me,
In that old home.


What was it tempted me to leave thee,
Dear Innisfail?
It ne'er was in my heart to grieve thee,
Old Grania Aillie.


Adventure threw her mantle o'er me,
And I must rove,
And follow those who went before me,
Who claim my love.


Yet still in pensive thought I wander
Back to thy vales,
And through thy sylvan groves meander,
And read thy tales.


Oft have I heard the plaintive story
Of thy sad wrongs,
And often sang thy ancient glory
In thy old songs.


Thy fertile plains and heath-capped mountains
I've travelled o'er,
But thy fair vales and crystal fountains
I'll see no more.


Yet in my waking dreams I'll view thee
And catch thy smile,
And joy when brighter hopes renew thee,
Dear Em'rald Isle.


Thou art creation's fairest jewel
By Nature blest;
But wicked men both dark and cruel
Have wrung thy breast.


While with thee I have done my duty
To guard thy fame,
And, here, I'll sing of Erin's beauty
And praise thy name.


Ah! no, they do not, cannot love thee,
Who seek the path
That would becloud the sky above thee
With Heaven's wrath.


May Truth dispel thy dark disorders--
Thy health restore,
And peace and joy surround they borders
Forever more.