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Thanks to the Author of all good
For every gift bestowed,
The fruits of earth, our needful food,
Respite from war, the quietude,
The blessings of our God.


The Lord has blessed our fertile earth
And sent us daily bread,
And none need fear a famine dearth
For comforts bless each happy hearth,
Apart from noisy dread.


While other lands were steeped in war
Peace reigned in all our coasts;
The angry demon kept afar
And proudly rode destruction's car,
And slew his mighty hosts.


The foaming flood, the raging flame,
THe pestilence, the dearth--
Thanks to our Heavenly Father's name--
Were warded off, nor nearer came
To this blest spot of earth.


Then let our hearts with gratitude
Flow out in songs of praise,
To Him who sends us every good,
Earth's blessings, peace and needful food,
And lengthens out our days.