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Repel dark doubt,
Dismiss dread care,
Ah! wherefore should we fear,
When God is love,
And merciful,
And ever near?


The humblest life
That breathes on earth,
Lives through His law divine;
Let us not dream
His power can fail,
His wise design.


No atom's lost,
But ever change
Has worked throughout all time;
No end there seems--
Our brightest dreams
And most sublime.


Can not discern
The Source of all,
Nor grasp His mighty plan;
Each blade of grass
Receives His care--
Then, fear not, man!


No rankling doubt--
The spirit life
Will ever bloom in higher forms;
So we may live
With present faith,
Above life's storms.


And hopeful hearts
More hopeful grow,
Though what shall be is dim;
They look above,
And see His love,
And trust in Him.