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'Tis hard to find an honest man,
Sincere in every part,
And who, could you his motives scan,
Is truthful in his heart;
For, tho' to others he be just
In dealing with their pelf,
Say is he faithful to his trust
And honest to himself?


The miser and the prodigal
Are both dishonest men,
And are as deaf to reason's call
As is my writing pen;
This, gathers all the wealth he can,
That, spends without control,
And neither is an honest man,
For each defrauds his soul.


The votaries of fashion are
To modest virtues blind;
And all their vanities declare
Their littleness of mind.
Tho' like the peacock's gaudy tail
Their fashion-dress may seem,
Yet after all, they often fail
To win the world's esteem.


Tho' dandies think themselves so nice,
In spite of all their skill,
A man may estimate their price
Who knows their tailor's bill;
What! honest! no, we don't believe,
And never did, nor can,
For he who dresses to deceive
Is not an honest man.


The drunkard acts dishonestly
To friends, and home, and wife,
His prospects and posterity,
His character and life;
He, thro' his craving thirst for drink,
Has lost all self-control,
And rushes down to ruin's brink
With guilt upon his soul.


But tho' your character be fair,
Unstained by outward sin,
Yet search your heart, and oh! beware
Of lurking thieves within;
For tho' you pay your lawful debt,
And have an honest name,
Still you may wilfully forget
To meet God's higher claim.


If rich don't toss your head too high,
Nor claim the whole amount,
For God will call you by and by
To render your account;
Then how can you be reckoned just,
Who claim what God has given,
And faithless to your sacred trust
Defraud the God of heaven?


Thus he is honest, he alone,
Who gives what God bestows--
Whose words and deeds are wisely shown
To lessen human woes;
Then if you love an honest name
You'll follow heaven's plan--
The lowly road to highest fame--
A truthful, honest man.