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I've seen the cheek suffused with red
By death's cold hand laid pale,
Like flowrets bruised by ruthless tread
Or withered in the gale.


I've seen the hoary-headed man
Outstep his three-score years,
With haggard visage, worn and wan,
Deep-furrowed with his tears.


I've seen the sinless baby die,
I've seen its mother weep
To see her little darling lie
In death's long dreamless sleep.


I've seen the pride of beauty fade
And pass from earth away;
I've seen the youth cut down and laid
Low in the mouldering clay.


I've seen men rush to ruin's brink,
And some I've tried to save,
And some who bartered life for drink
I've followed to the grave.


Thus have I seen the young and old,
The thoughtless and the gay,
The rich and poor, the meek, the bold
All borne by death away.