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  1. Age

  2. Along this Coast I Led the Vacant Hours

  3. As Round the Parting Ray the Busy Motes

  4. Beloved the Last! Beloved the Most!

  5. The Burden of an Ancient Rhyme

  6. Daniel Defoe

  7. Death Stands above Me, Whispering Low

  8. Farewell to Italy

  9. Fate! I Have Asked Few Things of Thee

  10. Fiesole Idyl

  11. From Yonder Wool-Mark Blue-Eyed Eve Proceed

  12. Here, ever since You went Abroad

  13. Ianthe! You are Call’d to Cross the Sea!

  14. I Cannot Tell, Not I, Why She

  15. I Come to Visit Thee Again

  16. Idle Words

  17. If I am Proud, You Surely Know

  18. If Mutable is She I Love

  19. In Clementina's Artless Mien

  20. In Spring and Summer Winds may Blow

  21. I Strove with None, for None was Worth My Strife

  22. Leaf after Leaf

  23. The Leaves are Falling; So am I

  24. The Lover

  25. The Maid I Love Ne'er Thought of Me

  26. Mild is the Parting Year, and Sweet

  27. Mother, I Cannot Mind my Wheel

  28. Often I Have Heard it Said

  29. Once, and Once Only, Have I Seen Thy Face

  30. One Year Ago My Path was Green

  31. On Seeing a Hair of Lucretia Borgia

  32. A Pastoral

  33. Past Ruin'd Ilion Helen Lives

  34. The Place Where Soon I Think to Lie

  35. Pleasure! Why thus Desert the Heart

  36. The Poet who Sleeps

  37. Proud Word You Never Spoke, but You Will Speak

  38. Pursuits! Alas, I Now Have None

  39. Rose Aylmer

  40. A Sea-Shell Speaks

  41. She I Love (Alas in Vain!)

  42. Tell Me Not Things Past all Belief

  43. Ternissa! You are Fled!

  44. Thank Heaven, Ianthe, Once Again

  45. There are Some Wishes that may Start

  46. To Barry Cornwall

  47. To Charles Dickens

  48. To E. F.

  49. The Torch of Love Dispels the Gloom

  50. To Robert Browning

  51. To the River Avon

  52. To the Sister of Elia

  53. To Wordsworth

  54. Twenty Years Hence My Eyes may Grow

  55. Various the Roads of Life

  56. Well I Remember How You Smiled

  57. Where Three Huge Dogs are Ramping Yonder

  58. Why, Why Repine, My Pensive Friend

  59. With Rosy Hand a Little Girl Prest Down

  60. Yes; I Write Verses Now and Then

  61. Yes, in This Chancel Once We Sat Alone

  62. You Smiled, You Spoke, and I Believed

  63. You Tell Me I Must Come Again