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When the evenings shadows gather,
And I seek the lonely shore,
Where 'Oft we walked together,
In those happy days of yore.


I seem to hear your words again,
In the waves that softly break,
And in a sweet, sad tone they say,
Ye come for memory's sake.


And on the old seat in the park,
I sit long hours and dream,
Of words that once were spoken there,
Beneath the trees--then green.


But now the leaves are dead and gone,
And all the trees are bare,
Still the place seems dearer to my heart,
It seems my grief to share.


To memory, dear is every place:
Where e'er your feet have trod,
The heart you crushed will ever keep,
Your Image as its God.


Gone are thy smiles for me, I know,
But I can ne'er forget,
I gave to thee my heart's first love,
And it is with thee yet.


Thy smiles are for another now,
Thy words are for his ear,
And memory is the only friend,
That lives my heart to cheer.


So welcome, gentle autumn breeze,
That fans this lingering spark,
Of pleasure that fond memory weaves,
Around a broken heart.