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Young Mary by the burn,
O lo'ed her o'er them a'!
But Mary by the burn
She's wedded and awa',
She's wedded and awa',
And I maun hope nae mair,
But live to love thro' a'
The future o' despair!


The laverock lo'es the morn,
The merle the evening close,
The lintie lo'es the thorn,
The nightingale the rose;
Sae lo'ed I Mary's bower,
But how I lo'ed hersel',
O! words wad need the power
O' Angel's tongue to tell!


Young Mary to yon burn,
That wimples in the west,
May never mair return
To bless as she hath bless'd.
My blessings gang the gate,
My love and peace ha'e gane,
Tho' mine maun be his fate
Wha lives and loves in vain!