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To sea! to sea! and give the gale,
My jovial freres, the bending sail,
And shape our course through foam and spray,
To other shores--away! away!
The soft, the parting hour is past,
Then crowd the canvas on the mast,
The breeze comes fresh, our bark goes free,
My gallant mates! to sea! to sea!


As Arab scours the waste, we sweep
The trackless desert of the deep.
Now hark! the glad wind harps aloud
Its fitful strain on sheet and shroud;
Now mark the billows leap along
Rejoicing in the joyous song
The seaman trolls with boundless glee--
Bear on my bark! to sea! to sea!


Who turns to trace, with tearful eye,
The land that fades 'tween sea and sky?
Dash off the drop that starts to streak,
With maudlin stain, a seaman's cheek!
To all we love and leave behind
Farewell! and welcome wave and wind!
Good speed with them, and speed with thee,
My gallant ship! to sea! to sea!