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As we came in to work last week we found the floor of our office
(all 17 cubicles of it) so covered in empty beer bottles that
we could barely see our ugly carpeting and none of us could
figure out how, who, or when someone could have done this
since it's supposed to be a secure web-server area and now,
even a week later, the office still smells like beer (some
of the bottles weren't really that empty) so, of course, all
this week I've been thinking of you and I looked you up on the
web and I was surprised cause there you were (and if this is
not you, well, sorry) so I just had to write and ask you how
things were going, as for me I turned out exactly as you said:
"a nerd doing boring computer stuff and liking it" but I just
LOVED the way you smiled when you said that and hope you don't
think too badly of me cause all it seems I ever did was buy you
beer and get you drunk and try to fuck you but at least I took
out ten times as many beer bottles as I brought in and now this
last week I've gotten all mushy thinking about you and how great
a time I had so I just had to write and see how you were doing
and that wasn't you who put all those beer bottles in our office
was it?


I'll never tell, but Yes, it IS me and don't be so surprised that
I'm on the web and all, I've gotten really good at it since I had
an accident a while back and injured my legs and a boy friend of
mine gave me an old computer of his and set it up to keep me company
while I was recovering (and so he wouldn't have to feel as guilty when he
left me) but it worked out fine and it's been a real blessing since my
legs don't work that well and I still can't drive but I think that last
part was God getting me off the road before I killed someone but it's
good to hear from you and no, I still think good thoughts of you and
always hoped you hadn't felt too badly about me for drinking all your
beer and if you'd like to come down and visit some time the door's open
(and everything above my knees is still working fine) and you'd even come
in handy cause it's hard as hell carrying all these beer bottles on