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The world was badly scared;
The very heavens trembled;
The Ark was all prepared,
The beasts were all assembled
And driven safe within
By Noah's sons and daughters,
When lo! the Lord of Sin
Appeared upon the waters;
A gallant privateer,
He sailed a Malay proa:
"I think it's gwine to clear!"
The Devil said to Noah.


We know that things are wrong,
We strive to make them better;
Perhaps I write a song,
Perhaps you write a letter,
Perhaps we work like men
To push a worthy movement--
When up he pops again,
That Foe to All Improvement,
And, smiling on the Deer
(But winking at the Boa)--
"Aw, shucks! it's gwine to clear!"
The Devil coos to Noah.