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Hedge a lion in his lair,
Bind him fast with leash and thong;
Muscles quiver, eyeballs glare,
Nerves and thews wax iron strong:
Mad with fury and despair
He will rage against his wrong.


With his bonds and fiery heart,
Spirit, this is what thou art.


Cage an eagle, maim his wings,
Seek to tame his dauntless eye;
Teach him songs the linnet sings,
Tell him to forget the sky;
Tell him flight brings arrow stings--
He must soar or he will die.


Beating pinion, eye of flame,
Spirit, this is thou the same.


Mark the everlasting sea,
Watch her mighty heart uplift;
O'er her bosom broad and free,
Fleets may ride and wrecks may drift,
Aye, storms may rage; what recketh she?
Boundless freedom is her gift.


"Spirit wait," she murmurs thee,
"Eternity! Eternity!"