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I cannot now look forth as once I could,
Along the opening of my coming years,
And say unto my heart in joyful mood,
"They best of life is yet to come;"--thick tears
Are blinding heart and eyes and path, and all
About is dark with fears.


I strive to look ahead--clouds gather fast;
I look behind, and see the waning light
Where Happiness and I each other passed,
And knew it not until tonight, tonight,
The lightning of a word, a look, a tone,
Revealed all in its light.

* * * * *

We may not know why God should shut our eyes,
--Then open them upon some after-day;
Or why He lets Love pass us in disguise
And just allows the faint, sweet after-ray
Of his inverted torch to touch our lives,
And reach our darkest way.


We may not know. But in his hand all threads
He holds secure, nor breaks the frailest one;
Earth life He like a subtle pattern spreads,
And into it He weaves till all is done;
Then we shall trace to joyful ends some threads
We lost when just begun.