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If somebody loves you,
You cannot be sad;
You've cause for rejoicing,
You've cause to be glad.
You've a subject for song
As you journey your way;
If somebody loves you
You ought to be gay.


If a curly-head baby
Of four is your pride,
Chattering gaily
Along by your side;
All trouble should vanish,
All care disappear,
If the baby who loves you
Is pattering near.


If you've an old mother
Who loves you today;
Your life should be merry,
Your work should be play.
For think of the motherless
Children there are,
Who still plod the roads
Leading ever so far.


If somebody loves you,
A wife or a child;
A mother or father,
A friend who has smiled,
And taken your hand
In a friend's helping way;
You ought to be merry,
You ought to be gay.


For love, after all,
Is the purpose of life;
The purpose of struggle,
And turmoil and strife.
If somebody loves you
Why worry and sigh?
For love we are living,
And love cannot die.