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Eliza! fairest, dearest treasure,
Hear my vows and list my prayer,
In thy presence there's a pleasure,--
And my heart--thou'rt circled there.
When the moonbeams softly falling,
Kiss the lake or flowery lea,
Echo fast on echo calling,
Dearest then art thou to me!


When the winds are gently blowing,
And the morn in smiles appears
With the sun all brightly glowing,
Drying up fair nature's tears!
When the streams from purest fountains
In music murmur to the sea,
Greenwoods waving on the mountains,
Dearest then art thou to me!


Then Eliza, while for ever
Thou shalt hold my heart in sway,
Let not fate nor fortune sever
Love that ne'er shall know decay.
Years shall flow in purest gladness,
Days shall pass in happy glee,
Joy shall banish care and sadness,
Eliza! when I'm loved by thee.