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One day of Spring went stealing to Chang-an River's side
An ancient rustic-weeping. To check his sobs he tried.
The Palace doors are firmly locked. Beside the river's brim
Do willows slim and rushes put forth their green for him?


He sees again, Ah! sadly, the rainbow banners play,
And all the Southern Garden reflecting Love's array,
And Yang Kuei-fei the lovely beside her lover ride
Together in one chariot attending at his side.


Before the chariot eunuchs their bows and arrows bear.
The courser champs his golden bit. She turns her body fair,
And looking up to heaven with one bright smile she brings
From out the clouds a captive of Love with beating wings.


Those eyes so bright--those teeth so white--today where may they be?
The place her blood defiled her soul again my never see.
As Eastward through the Gorges the shining waters bore,
So flowing on or stopping these lovers meet no more.


Ah! man is born for loving.--My breast is wet with tears.
With river grass and river flowers if ended all our fears!
Amid our country's twilight the Tatar horsemen ride.
Their dust clouds fill the city; the very roads they hide.