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Give me one warm kiss!
I ask no more.
I know you love me not,
But give me this
And I will hold it, dear--
A thousand years in store.


Force me not there
Alone, till you have kissed my longing lips
As you have done before,
When you and I, on Grecian Isles,
Once dwelt and youth was fair--
Kiss me again, ere life is o'er!


The sweetness of the kisses
I have dreamed
Of giving you!
The rapture of the torture
When it seemed
As if you knew!


Sweet is first love
Sweeter than breath,
Too dear for life,
Sweet unto death--
Thus was it that I died
And you another's bride.


How many times around
Must turn the wheel
Of birth and death,
Till you will love?
Till you will feel
Your lover's breath--
Her kisses?


O give me what I ask,
One wild, sweet kiss
To last a thousand years,
That I may bask
In this blest thought
Till you shall love!
O kiss me now!