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God is in summer flowers that rise,
In birds that carol to the skies;
But is he less in noxious weed,
In poison root and deadly seed,
In slimy things that creep and crawl,
Since He is ever All in All?


God of self-sacrifice and prayer;
God of the hearts that nobly dare;
Of childhood's innocence and glee;
Of love and truth and loyalty;
But what of those who sin and fall,--
Accursed while God is All in All?


Love's lips are warm, life's wine is red
And God is smiling overhead;
But love proves false, the wine is spilled,
The ecstasy and joy are stilled;
We sit in shadow of the pall,
Yet here, our God is All in All.


Oh, blessed words! Oh, thought divine!
To cheer us when we would repine;
To lift our hearts above earth's blight,
To the eternal, fadeless Light.
Earth has no ill that can appall
The soul that owns God All in All.