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  1. After Hearing a Waltz by Bartok, by Amy Lowell

  2. The Battle of the Bards, by Theocritus

  3. A Countryman's Wooing, by Theocritus

  4. The Death of Daphnis, by Theocritus

  5. The Herdsmen, by Theocritus

  6. The Lady and the Painter, by Robert Browning

  7. Number 3 on the Docket, by Amy Lowell

  8. Off the Turnpike, by Amy Lowell

  9. The Pauper Witch of Grafton, by Robert Frost

  10. Reaping, by Amy Lowell

  11. A Servant to Servants, by Robert Frost

  12. The Sorceress, by Theocritus

  13. The Triumph of Daphnis, by Theocritus