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  1. The Dinosaur at Old Faithful, by Albert Whipple Hadley

  2. The Dinosaur Bones, by Carl Sandburg

  3. The Dinosaur is the Founder of the Gas Business, by Anonymous

  4. A Dinosaur Museum, by Anonymous

  5. Don't Ever Feed a Dinosaur, by Baudelaire Jones

  6. Geology Made Easy, by Katharine Lee Bates

  7. The Great Tyranosaurus, by Arthur Guiterman

  8. If You Ever Meet a Dinosaur, by Baudelaire Jones

  9. In the Laramie, by Charles Hazelius Sternberg

  10. O, Ancient Rulers of the Earth, by Walter Wykes

  11. The Smallest Dinosaur, by Baudelaire Jones

  12. Tea with a Dinosaur, by Arthur Guiterman