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He's my phantom dancer,
Who comes to me at night...
He whispers words of love,
While holding me so tight.


The nitesky is our ballroom,
As we dance among the stars;
We glide and dip on moonbeams,
Circling Jupiter and Mars.


Whirling 'round the universe,
I melt in his embrace...
Gliding to his rhythm,
In my gown of silk and lace.


We scale the heights of passion
In a dance of ecstacy,
Burning with desire
In our midnight fantasy.


He's the lover of my dreams,
My heart is beating fast;
With every step, we move as one,
In rapture meant to last.


Perhaps, this once, my dream won't fade,
And when the day has dawned,
I'll find him waiting there for me...
The love for which I've longed.