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  1. 6 am on the beach in Venice, by William F. DeVault

  2. Boat Riding on Blue Lakes, California, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  3. California, by Aleister Crowley

  4. California, by Ina Coolbrith

  5. California, by Joaquin Miller

  6. California, by Lydia Huntley Sigourney

  7. California, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  8. A California Desert, by William Wendell Riley

  9. A California Home, by William Wendell Riley

  10. California Pioneers of Early Days Crossing the Plains, by August Wilhelm Wern

  11. California's Woodlands, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  12. A City of California, by Benjamin Franklin Field

  13. Facing West from California's Shores, by Walt Whitman

  14. On Leaving Los Angeles, by Walter Wykes

  15. San Francisco, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  16. The Spirit of Los Angeles, by Benjamin Franklin Field

  17. To the California Poppy, by Ardelia Cotton Barton