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The crimson glory of the setting sun
Hath lain a moment on the ocean's breast,
Till twilight shadows, gathering one by one,
Bring us the tidings, day is gone to rest.


Far out upon the waters, like a veil,
The mists of evening rise and stretch away
Between the horizon and the distant sail,
And earth and sea are clothed in sombre gray.


The tide comes higher up the smooth, wide beach,
Singing the song it has for ages sung;
Recedes, and carries far beyond our reach
The freight my idle hands have seaward flung.


Over the white-capped waves the seagulls soar
With heavy-flapping wing and restless cry,
As darkness spreads its deeper mantle o'er
The changing shadows of the twilight sky.


No voice but mine to mingle with the sound
Of ocean's melody--as one by one
The stars light up the vast concave around,
And live the glory that is never done.


Still higher creeps the tide with subtle power,
And still the waves advance with sullen roar;
But with the last faint gleam of twilight hour
I turn me homeward from the lonely shore.