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All-hail to those who love the good,
And sinful men eschew,
Who honour their religious head,
And sacred lore pursue,
Who undisturbed their neighbours' wives
And neighbours' merits view,
Who firm on Siva fix their faith,
And vain desires subdue!


Firmness when fall'n on evil days, restraint when fortune smiles,
Courage to look with steady eye on war's embattled files,
Persuasive speech in council, and a burning thirst for fame,
Joined with a love of holy writ, th' heroic soul proclaim.


Alms to bestow in secret, and the houseless wanderer feed,
To hide one's own and loud proclaim another's kindly deed,
Humbly to bear prosperity, and mourn with those who weep--
Behold a vow which all the saints as yet have failed to keep!


Charity best adorns the hand,
And reverence the head,
Truth is the virtue of the mouth,
In th' ears is scripture read.


Valour lends glory to the arms,
Contentment calms the heart,
Thus lofty souls, though poor, are decked
With grace in every part.


In times of joy the hero's soul
Is soft as lotus-flower,
But when misfortune's billows roll
Stands stiff as granite tower.


Raindrops on heated iron flung dissolve in airy steam,
The same on lotus-leaflets hung like rows of diamonds gleam,
In sea-shells, if Arcturus shine, they harden into pearl--
E'en so doth intercourse refine and elevate the churl.


He only can be called a son who gratifies his sire,
She only is a wife who doth to please her lord aspire,
He only is a friend who bides the same in weal and woe--
These blessings three the righteous gods on virtuous men bestow.


The world conspires to honour those
Who rise by gentle arts,
Who show their own heroic strain
By praising others' parts,
Who patiently reproaches bear,
Nor scorned revile again,
Who still to selfish ends prefer
The good of other men.