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Love, while playing 'midst the flowers on a summer day,
Spied a hunter, bold and handsome, coming by that way;
In a sudden fear, young Cupid thought himself to hide,
And his light wings swiftly brought him to a maiden's side.
She with wondering eyes besought him, "Wherefore com'st thou here?
Thou some mischief sure wilt bring me; pray thee come not near!"
But, alas! as yet she argued, swift within her eyes
Flew young Love, and safely hidden, laughed at her surprise.


"Well," sighed she, "I'll not betray thee, thou art safe with me."
Came the hunter then: "Oh! maiden, didst thou Cupid see?"
"Nay," she answered, whilst in blushes her fair face was steeped,
And Love, in fancied safety nestling, 'neath her eyelids peeped.
Fatal glance! the maiden's secret quickly was revealed,
Love, within the blue eyes hiding, soon was forced to yield;
Then the hunter, gay and daring, kissed the maiden's face:
"Captives mine, forever! Love--and Love's sweet hiding-place!"