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As morning's glory gilds the sky,
And merrily the hours go by
Towards noon, whose radiance sheds its glow
From heaven's dome o'er all below;
As softly towards the set of sun
The shadows gather one by one,
To lie, at last, all tenderly
And lovingly o'er land and sea;
So do life's days--from Gold to Grey--
Glide, 'neath life's changing skies, away
From joy to sorrow; smiles to tears;
From peace to turmoil; hopes to fears:
And back again (as wakes the dawn,
From Grey to Gold, when night is gone),
To taste of joys new-born again;
Perchance to fade once more in pain.
Ah! whatsoe'er our days may hold
Of joy or sorrow, Grey or Gold,
Counting our blessings one by one
From dawn until the set of sun,
We're sure to find more Gold than Grey
To light our journey o'er the way.