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There was a moment when our hearts met
When our paths merged
In the cover of the sunset.


There was a moment when those flags flew
To split our path
And take me from you.


But there is a world
Where those paths have no name
Where before the Maker
We are the same
And I will wait
And reclaim you there
In that hidden world
That is everywhere.


And there I will claim,
Your hair, your lips,
Your hands, your arms, your fingertips.
And there I will claim
Your eyes, your constant gaze,
Your everything, your everywhere.


And from a distance now I will feel your heart.
I will know your soul,
But stand apart.
With no words I will talk to you.
Without you I will dance with you.
And even in another’s arms
Even with another’s lips
The embrace is mine,
The kiss is mine,
You are mine,
Remember this.