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  1. Arizona, by Andrew Downing

  2. Arizona, by Christine Siebeneck Swayne

  3. Arizona, by Edwin Leibfreed

  4. Arizona, by Elise Pumpelly Cabot

  5. An Arizona Cactus, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  6. Arizona Cactus, by Nellie Seelye Evans

  7. Arizona, the State, by Andrew Downing

  8. Dame Nature's Crazy Quilt, by Fred Emerson Brooks

  9. Dance of the Dust Witches, by William H. Simpson

  10. A Desert Rain, by Andrew Downing

  11. A History of Arizona, by Benjamin Franklin Field

  12. In the Petrified Forest, Arizona, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  13. A Memory of Arizona, by Benjamin Peck Keith

  14. The Painted Hills of Arizona, by Edwin Curran

  15. The Plains of Arizona, by Joaquin Miller

  16. Song of the Sand Storm, by Andrew Downing

  17. To the Grand Canyon, by Edward Robeson Taylor

  18. What Arizona Needs, by Andrew Downing