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  1. The Angel, by William Blake

  2. The Angel of the Annunciation, by Edith Willis Linn Forbes

  3. Angels' Visits, by Anne S. Bushby

  4. Angelus, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  5. The Boy and the Angel, by Robert Browning

  6. The Dark Angel, by Lionel Johnson

  7. The Evening Angel, by Edna Dean Proctor

  8. Footsteps of Angels, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  9. The Heavenly Messenger, by Martha Lavinia Hoffman

  10. The Listening Angel, by Watie W. Swanzy

  11. Playmates, by Emily Dickinson

  12. The Seraph and the Poet, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  13. The Two Angels, by C. B. Langston