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  1. America, by Claude McKay

  2. America, by Herman Melville

  3. The American Artist, by Eliza Allen Starr

  4. America the Beautiful, by Barry Comer

  5. Columbus on First Beholding America, by Dugald Moore

  6. A Concrete Ending, by Clark Crouch

  7. God's Country, by Obadiah Cyrus Auringer

  8. I Hear America Singing, by Walt Whitman

  9. Indian Mascot, by David Mark Dannov

  10. Long, Too Long America, by Walt Whitman

  11. My Country, by Sarah Josepha Hale

  12. Ode to America, by S. Moore

  13. On Viewing Trumbull's Painting of the Declaration of Independence, by William B. Tappan

  14. Our Old Feuillage, by Walt Whitman

  15. Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice, by Walt Whitman

  16. Pioneers! O Pioneers!, by Walt Whitman

  17. The Prairie-Grass Dividing, by Walt Whitman

  18. Starting from Paumanok, by Walt Whitman

  19. Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood, by Walt Whitman